MakTech WebSol has evolved as one of the leading WordPress developers. The unmatched assistance provided by ourdedicated employees has enabled us to engage visitors across the world.

WordPress is a name that is gaining more and more popularity as the Content Management System (CMS) of the future. WordPress utilizes its rich framework to provide developers with an easy to use architecture with highly customizable templates for content management of everything from simple blogs to high-end websites. However, its greatest strength lies in the fact that it is an opensource technology.

MakTech WebSol has a highly skilled and experienced team of WordPress developers who are very good at tweaking WordPress to meet even the most stringent requirements. Given their obvious infatuation with the WordPress CMS, our developers like to stay abreast of every current trend that hits the world of WordPress and take preemptive advantage of it by providing our clients with the latest and best of WordPress. Our WordPress developers consider it their moral obligation to analyze your needs and provide business-specific solutions.

Competitive Pricing

Our hourly prices are highly competitive so as to retain our hard won market edge and industry leading practices.

Proven Methodologies

Our years of long track record and our success rate with our clients lend credit to our flexible and top-notch methodology.

Skills & Expertise

Our team of Developers/Designer are experts in their respective fields. They are dedicated, innovative but most of all, they are highly skilled.

Confidentiality & Privacy

We understand the need for confidentiality and privacy at a fundamental level. Our clients are always welcome to ask us for NDA agreements.

Our Services

Our Hire WordPress Developer model makes sure that you enjoy the entire range of WordPress services that benefit your project needs to the utmost. Hiring our developers provides you with an array of options that are sure to fulfill even the most complex business needs.

Our developers are proficient in the following WordPress development services and will do their utmost to grant total satisfaction for your investment in us.

  • Database creation for use by Word Press
  • Installation and integration of a Word Press themes
  • Exclusive and custom plug-ins optimized as per your needs
  • Word Press based SEO services
  • Word Press support & Maintenance